2018 Pasture Raised Broilers

Benefits of Pastured Raised Chicken

Chickens raised on pasture have overall less fat and saturated fat*

Broilers raised on pasture have higher Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Vitamin A*

Broiler meat raised on pasture supports a lower cholesterol diet

Pasture based farming provides a more humane life for the animals

Pasture based farming is more sustainable & increases soil fertility and health.

Happy healthy birds = happy healthy food!

*In comparison to commercially raised broilers

The chickens at Spontaneous Farm are provided a happy life. They are housed in pasture-based moveable coops that provide protection from predators, but also allows them to peck and scratch as nature intended. Our birds get sunlight and fresh air 24/7. They are not fed antibiotics or pre-medicated feed. They are supplemented with Willamette Valley sourced and milled non-GMO, organic feed. We are currently researching non-plastic packaging, please let us know in your email if your interested in exploring options with us.  Pasture raised chicken is both taistier and environmentally friendly. Won’t you give it a try and taste the difference?

Thank you for Supporting Your Local Small Family Farm!!!

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